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Jiaxing OnRoll Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech company specializing in the production of Auto parts such as automotive synchronizer slider, bus transmission parts, forklift components, and so on. The location of our company has transportation advantages. It is 5 kilometers away from Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway (G60) and both 100 kilometers to Shanghai (international metropolitan) on the East and Hangzhou (heaven on earth) on the West.

Our original company was founded in 1992. After several relocations and expansions, the new name “OnRoll” was formally registered in 2015. The total area of our company is 4000 square meters (43,000 sf) and the building area is 3500 square meters (37,600 sf). The annual production capacity of synchronizer sliders is 6 million sets.

OnRoll has fully automated production equipment and automated visual inspection equipment. With the most rigorous quality control and the best cost control, we strive to provide our customers with high quality and cost-effective products.

We have been well- established in the domestic market in China, and we are gradually expanding our business to the international market. We provide gearbox synchronizer sliders to Chery, Landai Powertrain, Tianjin Tanhas, Ganzhou QunXing, Changhe Suzuki, and gearbox guide blocks to Chery, Jetta, BYD, Iveco, Haima, Zhongtai, and so on. Our products basically cover the full range of domestic and foreign mainstream vehicle models. The annual volume of production is 10 million sets. By closely following the development trend of the automotive industry, OnRoll is the first manufacturer to achieve the localization of Synchronizer ball assembly. This is not only changing the situation in which the high-precision synchronizer relies on imported parts, but gradually replacing imported parts. At the same time, OnRoll has established a joint venture in the United States and been well prepared to open up the North American market.

OnRoll continues to devote itself to innovation. We are planning the planetary gear train and implementing a high-precision synchronizer guide block production line to adapt to the development trend of domestic AT and DCT gearbox and new energy vehicles. OnRoll always makes every effort to be a value-adding supplier to our customers.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy – “Bring benefit to mankind” and serves our customers with high-quality products. OnRoll not only makes contributions to the society, but in the meantime, develops and uplifts itself. We believe that with all the support from our friends at home and abroad, we will build a mutual trust, mutual benefit, and a win-win cooperation to make a better future.

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